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Why You Should Stop Whitening Your Teeth at Home

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    Should you whiten your teeth at home?

    Excessive coffee drinking and improper dental hygiene can stain your teeth and decrease its whiteness. Today, many people are looking to whiten their teeth at home by buying different teeth whitening products. Some don’t understand that, like any part of your body, you’ll need to have the proper treatment for your teeth. The only way you’ll know what treatment to get is by going to a dental hygienist.

    The vast array of products available online for consumers is crazy. You’ll have to go through each product to know what would best work for your teeth, but that can be time-consuming because of the trial and error process. The worst part is—you may damage your teeth.

    What is in teeth whitening products?

    People were made to believe that sticking with only one product, like charcoal toothpaste, will give you quick pearly whites from your own home. Because most people want quick and easy solutions, ingredients are often ignored and product reviews are more often trusted.

    You need to remember that each person’s body is different, so your gums and teeth aren’t the same with everyone else’s. Some are incredibly sensitive to certain ingredients, which can damage gums and result in dental diseases. They can also damage your teeth by reducing its hardness and increasing its surface abrasions.

    There is only one truly active ingredient (and it’s not safe)

    You see the term “active ingredients” on toothpaste boxes almost everywhere. The thing is, there is only one active ingredient in your toothpaste formula, and it’s either hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide—both of which are bleaching agents.

    While they can remove teeth stains, they can also give you horrible dental side effects when used too often. Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely strong chemical that can be used to clean your home and other equipment. Since hydrogen peroxide is a strong chemical, excessive use can increase mouth irritation and tooth sensitivity.

    Check-in with a Dental Hygienist

    Though buying whitening products available in the market is convenient because of online shops, it still won’t make much of a difference if you don’t get proper dental treatment. Because every person’s body is different, you’ll need to talk to a dental hygienist to know what dental treatment will suit you best. You’ll need to consider before moving on with treatment your overall oral health—the health of your gums and the strength of your teeth.

    Once your dental hygienist is aware of your dental conditions, they will be able to give you the proper and suitable treatment your teeth would need. You’ll have a treatment specifically made for you and even custom oral gear to help with your dental treatment experience. This might cost a bit more than just buying over-the-counter products, but it is worth the investment because you’ll be getting constant care from your dental hygienist and spot correct oral issues right away.


    A lot of us are leading a very busy lifestyle but still want to look our best and have great oral hygiene. However, choosing easy fixes can give you horrible oral side effects in the long run. Doing thorough research and setting an appointment with your dental hygienist will give you better and long-term results.

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