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Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth crown consists of an enamel layer which is hard and white, and a thicker layer called dentine. These outer hard layers protect the pulp which is the inner soft inner tissue of the tooth. There are nerves and blood vessels in the pulp which stretches from the tooth root to the crown.

If the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, root canal treatment can be undertaken to remove the affected pulp tissue.


There are several reasons that the pulp could become inflamed or infected. It could be as a result of:

  • Severe gum disease
  • Deep decay
  • An extensive restoration which affected the pulp
  • A broken tooth caused by trauma
  • Too much wearing of enamel and dentine exposing the pulp


It may be an indication of pulp damage if you feel pain, experience continued sensitivity to heat or cold, have discolouration of the tooth, your gums swell or feel tender or you have an unexplained bad taste in your mouth.

But conversely, you might not have any symptoms at all. Untreated pulp infection or inflammation can lead to swelling, pain and the deterioration of the underlying bone.


If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, root canal treatment is an alternative that allows you to keep your original tooth. This is appealing to many people.

Once a root canal treatment is completed, all the pulp will have been removed from your tooth. This means the tooth has no vital tissues inside it.

But vital tissues still surround the root of the tooth. These include supporting bone, the periodontal membrane and the gum. Teeth on which root canal treatment has been performed can be looked after with regular oral hygiene measures and dental care and will work like normal teeth.


Root canal treatments are performed under anaesthetic which makes them comparatively comfortable and in many cases painless. Your tooth may feel sensitive or tender following the procedure, but this will only last for a few days. This is caused by the swelling of the tissues in the surrounding area.

You can counter any discomfort you experience with over-the-counter analgesics or painkillers. If you were to encounter more persistent or severe pain or inflammation, your dentist will be able to help.

  • review rating 5  I first came to Claydon Dental for a second opinion when my previous Dentist said i needed a root canal however i suffered with no symptoms at all, turns out there was no infection and i just needed a course of Hygiene treatments. Dr Neil and his team put my mind at ease. I was greeted by Talia on reception and she made all my nerves disappear by making a nervous situation quite frankly hilarious.Thank you Claydon Dental!

    thumb Rachel Moore

    review rating 5  Really nice atmosphere, very different from the NHS practice I used to go to. Kim the hygienist was great and Neil showed me everything that was going on with my teeth and gums which really helped! would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for good quality and great care

    thumb Miles McDonald
  • review rating 5  Visiting Claydon Dental practice changes your whole thinking about dentists. A friendly efficient welcoming reception and excellent professional staff who deliver top quality dental treatment. I have been delighted with my treatment and can highly recommend them.

    thumb Catherine Jones

    review rating 5  I was very happy with the experience I had, I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while but was made to feel comfortable. I’m not so worried about having treatment in future now. Thanks

    thumb Gerald Hughes
  • review rating 5  Couldn’t be happier with the care that Neil has provided. Had lots of treatment and couldn’t feel one thing! pain free. Now I have finished my treatment plan I can sit back with a cold glass of wine. Thank you everyone at Claydon Dental

    thumb Mrs Birch

    review rating 5  Very informative and they gave me many different options I could go down to achieve the result I was hoping for. Looking forward to starting my journey

    thumb Sam Lowry

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