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Our Prices

Our fee guide is shown below. Please note that this is a guide to our fees and you will be provided with an itemised and personalised estimate of your treatment costs after consultation with your dentist. Interest-free finance options are also available please ask your dentist for details.

Interest free payment plans

TreatmentPrice’s From

New Patient Consultation

(50 mins)


New Patient Child

0-5 years


New Patient Child

5-18 years


Routine Adult Examinations

(usually six monthly)


Routine Child Examinations

(Free 0-5)




£ 12.00 each

Direct Access Dental Hygiene Appointment


Simple Scale & Polish

£40.00 (20 mins)

£65.00 (30 mins)


£80.00 (40 mins)

Periodontal Treatment£80.00

Composite Fillings


 (Dependant of how many surfaces and size of tooth- Treatment plan provided with cost before treatment carried out)
Root Fillings£600.00
 (Dependant on material used, can vary, from Porcelain, Gold, Zirconia)
Bridges£550.00 per unit
Acrylic Dentures£700.00
Cobalt Chrome Dentures£1000.00
Tooth WhiteningPhilips Zoom! – £359
 Enlighten – £754
Occlusal splints£180.00


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