Dr Neil discussing how to treat sensitive teeth

How to Cope with Sensitive Teeth – Our 4 tips to Prevent Sensitive Teeth

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    Why Do I Get Sensitive Teeth?

    We get sensitive teeth due to exposed dentine, therefore if something is too hot, cold or even when a toothbrush hits the exposed dentine; we will know about it. This is mainly caused by enamel loss or receding gums, and as our main focus is to be a preventative dental practice, we would like to provide you with our top tips to avoid the pain associated with sensitive teeth during the lockdown.

    How To Care For Sensitive Teeth:

    Our Dentist, Neil Eguia, has kindly put together a video from his home helping to explain how to prevent or avoid the pain caused by sensitive teeth.

    Dr Neil discussing how to treat sensitive teeth

    Our 4 Tips To Prevent Sensitive Teeth:

    1. Avoid brushing too hard this can directly cause enamel loss we recommend the use of a soft to medium bristle brush or even better an electric toothbrush with pressure sensor – Kim our hygienist and dental therapists made an excellent video showing us the right way we should be brush – link
    2. Use fluoride toothpaste – yes they work; very well, the fluoride strengthens the enamel. Sensodyne and Colgate sensitivity range
    3. Use as a spot treatment – avoid whitening toothpaste – can wear away enamel – avoid acid food and drinks
    4. Acid attacks enamel especially if you are snacking regularly (very easy when locked at home) herbal teas can be very acidic such as lemon and fruit teas


    These tips can help avoid sensitive teeth but can hide other issues such as cracked teeth, cavities or gum disease, so we recommend those with sensitive teeth to have a check-up once the lockdown is over.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on info@claydondentalmk.co.uk or 01908 771 170

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