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Invisalign Before and After

Pussadee Before and After

Pussadee arrived at Claydon Dental with various issues but as you can see from her testimonial below she can now smile with great pride thanks to the results from her Invisalign treatment.

“From the initial meeting through to the final appointment Claydon Dental have been great. My teeth needed plenty of work but the Invisalign trays were easy to use and the results have been amazing. Couldn’t be happier – Thanks!”

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Nicola Smith Before and After InvisalignWhen Nicola first came to Claydon Dental she was suffering from an uneven smile and a posterior crossbite among other issues. Our team were able to make her feel at ease with the process and helped her to overcome her fear of dentist during her Invisalign process.

“Claydon Dental really is an amazing dentist. From being petrified of going to a dentist I have come away today having had treatment and I can honestly say it was a pleasurable experience…

I cannot recommend this practice enough, truly fantastic and thanks for my new smile!”

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Charlotte Tattum Before & After Invisalign

Charlotte came to Claydon Dental Milton Keynes as a young teen with an overjet, posterior crossbite, openbite as well as other issues including a narrow arch.

Following her Invisalign treatment this is what Charlotte had to say about her experience:

 “I would definitely recommend Invisalign because they are all very welcoming and supportive at Claydon Dental….I did not find the Invisalign much of a hassle and no one noticed I was wearing them. You soon get used to the attachments and wearing the retainers. After I finished I was so happy with the results.

The hygienist there was so amazing to. She helped me to understand how to look after my teeth properly. The whole experience has not been stressful at all and it was worth it for the perfect results I ended up with!”

As seen in the before and after images above, Charlotte’s overbite and other issues were corrected using Invisalign and she is now able to smile with confidence as she continues to grow.

Christine Prior Before & After Invisalign

We welcomed Christine to our practice and noticed that she was not confident enough to share her smile with the world. This is something we aimed to fix using Invisalign.

At 65 years young, Christine wanted to make sure she was confident enough to smile proudly at a family wedding. We are happy to say that she was able to do this by taking advantage of Invisalign.

“Invisalign is the best thing I have ever spent my money on. I used to hide my crooked teeth, now I smile at everyone. I wore mine for 15 months and it becomes second nature. I even wore them at a family wedding and no-one noticed them.”

Claydon Dental Milton Keynes would love to help you to be more confident in your smile. We would be very happy to talk you through the process at a FREE smile consultation, simply click here or contact us on 01908 771 170 or click here.


Oryn arrived at Claydon Dental with a few subtle issues which he wanted to address to enable him to smile confidently. With the Invisalign Full option Oryn was able to close the gaps in his teeth as well as correct his overjet which was causing issues when eating.

We are very happy which Oryn’s results. As seen in his before and after images he no longer has the large gaps or substantial overjet which were hindering him in the past.

Although Oryn’s issues were not drastic in nature Invisalign provided him with a solution which he was able to wear throughout the process without having to worry about how his smile looked.

To find out more about how Invisalign can help you to get the smile you’ve always wanted simply click here.


On Toby’s first visit he presented a mixture or narrow arch, crowding, posterior crossbite, uneven smile and an open bite.

As a young patient, we knew that Invisalign would be the ideal solution for Toby as it allows a patient to go about their everyday life without feeling self-conscience of his corrective solution.

Toby and our team could not have been happier with the results and Toby left the surgery grinning from ear to ear with his new smile.

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