Dental Crown

Dental Crown in Milton Keynes, we can help

Do you have a damaged tooth that is affecting the way you smile or the way you eat?

If so, then a dental crown might be the right treatment for you.

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth and held in place by dental adhesive.

Dental crowns are used for several reasons: as a protective cover for badly decayed teeth or fractured teeth, as a permanent restoration for teeth with large fillings, or to correct minor problems in natural teeth like spacing and irregular shape or severe discolouration.

More about Dental Crown

The kind of treatment available is always specific to each case. However, some alternatives to a dental crown include:

Dental veneers – Veneers are very similar to a crown in that they are made of porcelain and are fitted to the tooth. Instead of being fitted all around the tooth, like a dental crown, a veneer is fitted to the front of the tooth only, as a very thin layer of porcelain. They are ideal for small chips in a tooth or to fill unwanted gaps.

Dental fillings – Fillings are used to fill holes, otherwise known as cavities, in the tooth, and in some cases can be used instead of a dental crown.

Before we fit your dental crown to your tooth, we make sure the tooth and surrounding area are numb. The anaesthetic will mean there is no pain at all. In some cases, when the anaesthesia wears off after the treatment there can be some soreness and sensitivity while your gums repair themselves. This feeling is entirely normal and is nothing to worry about.

How long your dental crown will last does depend on the lifestyle of the patient. However, as a benchmark, the dental crown should last anywhere between 15-30 years.

If you are looking for a more permanent option you could consider a dental implant.

After the dentist has numbed the tooth and surrounding area with anaesthetic, they will prepare the tooth to receive the dental crown. This preparation is done by carefully shaping the tooth to make a good connection with the new dental crown. Once the tooth is prepared, the dental crown will be fitted using a special bonding agent that seals the dental crown around the tooth.

As you would expect, every case is different, and the final price will depend on how much preparation work may be needed. We do, however, offer a full dental consultation where we can take a look at the area affected and make some recommendations on the best treatment. Having done this for you we can detail all of the costs.

Dental Crown - The Process

Step 1

Dental Examination

You book a dental examination with x-ray to allow us to take a closer look at the tooth in question. We will create a treatment plan for you that details all options available, such as a dental crown or possibly even a denture or dental implant.

You can take these options away with you to consider.

Step 1

Step 2

Dental Crown Preparation

During this one-hour appointment, your dentist will prepare the tooth that the dental crown will be fitted to by gently shaping it to form a good fit with the dental crown.

While the dental crown is being prepared, we can fit a temporary dental crown for you that will make eating easier until you receive your final dental crown.

Step 2

Step 3

Dental Crown Fitting

Once your dental crown is ready we will arrange a 30-minute appointment for you to come back and have your new dental crown fitted.

Step 3

Dental Crown & Bridge Examples

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