Dental Bridge

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Would you like to use both sides of your mouth to chew, but favour just one side due to a missing tooth?

If so, then a dental bridge might be the right treatment for you.

A dental bridge is exactly what its name suggests. It bridges between two teeth replacing a lost or extracted tooth.

If a tooth is extracted and the teeth either side of it are still healthy, a dental bridge can be fitted. This can be a more cost effective and less invasive option than having a dental implant. However, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will also need to be treated in order for the dental bridge to be fitted.

The procedure involves preparing the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to allow them to bond the dental bridge. Ultimately this bridges the missing tooth, leaving what looks like three healthy teeth. This treatment will require two healthy teeth on either side of the gap to use a traditional dental bridge.

More about Dental Bridge

The costs of a traditional dental bridge can vary dramatically. They are subject to the amount of preparation needed to the teeth that will be used to form the bridge. We usually recommend a dental hygiene appointment prior to treatment to make sure the teeth are nice and clean, and that the gums are in a healthy condition.

If you have several missing teeth that are next to each other, a cantilever dental bridge may be required. A cantilever dental bridge is similar to a traditional dental bridge. However, instead of being bonded to two teeth either side of the gap, it is bonded to just the one healthy tooth that is available. The result is the same, however the technique is different.

Another option would be a dental implant bridge. Instead of the dental bridge being bonded to a healthy tooth, a dental implant is used in place of one of the missing teeth. The dental implant would become the anchor tooth and the dental bridge bonded to it. Effectively, one dental implant fitted with a three-tooth dental bridge can replace a gap caused by three missing teeth, without the need for three dental implants.

Your first appointment will be around one hour long. During this appointment, we will take a scan of your teeth to help our lab create a dental bridge that best matches your current teeth. We will then fit a temporary bridge while the lab completes your final bridge and return it to us. You return around two weeks later to have your temporary bridge removed and your new permanent bridge fitted.

The best way to find out which treatment is right for you is to book a dental consultation appointment with us. During this appointment, we will take an x-ray of your teeth and advise you of the various treatments that might be right for you. We will detail the benefits and drawbacks of each treatment and provide an accurate quotation for any treatment we recommend. The final choice will then be for you to make when you are ready.

Dental bridges generally last between five to ten years. This shorter lifespan is why dental implants might be a better choice as they are a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Dental implants are generally always a better option, as an implant would not require the support of the teeth on either side of the gap like a dental bridge would. As a dental implant is a standalone tooth, it is designed to be a permanent fixture, and should not ever need to be replaced if maintained correctly.

Dental Bridge - The Process

Step 1

Dental Bridge Examination

If you are wondering if a dental bridge is the right option for you, book a dental examination. This one-hour appointment will allow us to take a look at the area you are worried about and advise you on the best course of treatment. We may take a few x-rays while you are with us, to allow us to see what’s happening underneath the gum line.

Step 1

Step 2

Dental Bridge Preparation

During this one-hour appointment your dentist will prepare the teeth either side of the missing tooth so that they are ready to receive the new dental bridge once it has been made.

We can fit a temporary bridge for you in the meantime.

Step 2

Step 3

Dental Bridge Fitting

Once your dental bridge is ready, we will arrange a 30-minute appointment for you to come back and have your new bridge fitted.

Step 3

Dental Bridge Examples

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