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Change the shape of your nose

We know that there are always some small things we would like to change about ourselves, and one of the most common is the shape of our nose.

Changing the shape of your nose used to mean surgery which for many people is a step too far but thankfully now there is a much easier solution, and that’s a ‘non-surgical nose job’.

As the name suggests, there is no surgery needed. Our medically qualified clinicians use dermal fillers to gently change the shape of your nose to a shape that is more aesthetically pleasing to you. Nicknamed the 15-minute nose job, the treatment can be completed in just 15 minutes with virtually zero downtime. We even have some patients who have the treatment in their lunch hour.

We know deciding to have treatment can be a big decision which is why we can offer you an aesthetic consultation via Zoom or FaceTime. You can speak to one of our clinicians face to face and talk through the options with them.

non surgical nose job
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Book an Aesthetic Consultation

Most patients take time to decide if a non-surgical nose job is right for them and we have found that a nice next step is to book a face to face call with one of our clinicians who can talk you through the treatment available to you.

You’ll have lots of time to ask them questions and talk through other peoples experiences of the same treatment.

So if your thinking about a non-surgical nose job, book your consultation today.

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"I Love my New Nose!"

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Making your visit Comfortable

Our aesthetic clinic shares its space with our cosmetic dental practice, Claydon Dental, in the heart of Oakgrove. As a fully licensed and CQC regulated medical surgery, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Our lead clinician Dr Cassandra Pestana is a fully qualified facial aesthetician as well as a cosmetic dentist and is passionate about providing excellent results for her patients.


More about Non surgical nose job

The treatment is perfect for a range of issues:

-Noses that are too small and need extra volume
-Slightly crooked or offset noses
-Hook-shaped noses
-A drooping the nasal tip
-Noses with a raised bridge

To find out if you’re the right candidate for the treatment book a FREE aesthetic consultation with us online and we would be happy to talk you through the options.

Your clinician will assess the areas of your nose that require re-shaping and inject small amounts of dermal filler that will then be massages and re-shaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing result. The process is easy to adjust during treatment, and you can ask your clinician to make any changes during the procedure.

Non-surgical nose jobs are not permanent as the filler dermal filler will need to be topped up and reshaped typically every 6 months. The only way to achieve a permanent result would be surgery.

Unlike surgery, you have the option to reverse the procedure. As the nose will have been re-shaped using dermal fillers, the filler can be dissolved afterwards if needed.

During your non-surgical nose job, you will have a mirror to hand and can direct the clinician when it comes to the final shape of the nose, so, rarely, patents are not pleased with the outcome.

Not usually as most modern fillers have anaesthetic mixed into the filler to minimise and pain or sensitivity. This coupled with the professional administration of the treatment by our clinician mean it’s usually a very comfortable procedure.

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