Dealing with Crooked Teeth

Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With Crooked Teeth

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    Having a confident smile is a dream that many people have. However, for many people, having crooked teeth can get in the way of being happy with their smile. It can cause many social problems, such as shyness and self-confidence issues. Many people with crooked teeth will choose to close their lips when they smile or stay withdrawn from their peers to avoid opening their mouths. Aside from all of this, some medical issues may arise because of crooked teeth.

    The social and health problems should be reason enough for a person to consider seeking orthodontic treatment for their crooked teeth. The good news is that the solutions for crooked teeth are readily available, and there is a chance you can have your dental insurance cover the costs for the procedure!

    Causes Of Crooked Teeth

    Dealing with Crooked TeethThere are many causes of crooked teeth. Certain bad habits, like thumb sucking, can affect the way the teeth position themselves on the jaw as a child grows up. Facial injuries and poor dental care habits can also result in crooked teeth.

    Visiting a dentist regularly, especially while growing up, will help you avoid crooked teeth. However, if you already have this problem, the good news is that treatment methods are available to help you.

    Health Issues That Crooked Teeth May Cause

    Many health conditions may develop because of tooth misalignment. Digestive issues may develop if a person is not able to chew their food properly before swallowing. Gum disease may also start forming if the crooked teeth are not correctly brushed, as cleaning crooked teeth may be difficult. It may also cause tooth loss in the long run.

    Health issues relate more to oral health than people realize. It is said that oral health can often be a window to overall health. If a person cannot take proper care of their teeth, bacteria can slowly destroy their teeth and attack the rest of their body. Heart problems, digestive issues, and other more severe health issues may also develop if crooked teeth are not treated.

    Possible Orthodontic Solutions


    Orthodontic braces are the most common solution to crooked teeth. Orthodontists use metal braces to pull the teeth into proper alignment. There are many types of braces, such as lingual braces that may be attached to the back part of the teeth to stay hidden from view.

    Clear Aligners

    Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are small plastic trays that can fit over teeth and slowly adjust them into place. This is a method that is preferred by many because it is painless and more comfortable to wear. People who opt to have clear aligners will only have to visit their dentist every three months or so. 

    Other Orthodontic Appliances

    Other orthodontic appliances can also straighten teeth. You can ask your dentist about them if you do not prefer metal braces or clear aligners.


    Straightening your teeth will do more than boost your confidence. You will be able to avoid health issues and other medical conditions if you put your oral health first.

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