Direct Access Dental Hygiene

Direct Access Dental Examination, in Milton Keynes

You don’t need to be a registered patient with us to book a dental hygiene appointment and we offer both patients and non-patients this service.

As our hygienists are highly trained they do not require you to be assessed by one of our dentists before you book a dental hygiene appointment.

Why do I need a dental hygiene appointment?

One of the leading causes of teeth falling out or needing to be removed in late life is due to gum disease. Gum disease comes in various severities and is graded on a scale of 1-4 with 4 being very bad.

Although your teeth are anchored to your jawbone to hold them in place the gum that surrounds the tooth is just as important. Gum disease slowly kills the gums and caused them to recess, exposing more and more of the root of the tooth. It also causes the jaw bone to decay until the tooth inevitably becomes loose and falls out.

Usually, a missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant but not while gum disease still exists. This could leave you with no tooth and no options left to replace it unless you get the gum disease under control.

The best solution is to get ahead of gum disease and stop it now before it erodes the gums further.

This is the job of a hygienist. They are specially trained to clean your teeth and particularly the gum line to help keep your gums in the best condition possible. A regular hygiene appointment means your hygienist can keep an eye on your gums and if they spot the early signs of gum disease, do something about it before it gets worse.

Benefits of regular dental hygiene visits:

Please note that all Direct Access Dental Hygiene appointments require a £40 non-refundable deposit. 

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