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Dental Implants Milton Keynes

If you get embarrassed about your smile, or experience suffering due to unstable teeth, loss of bone, gum disease or dentures that won’t stop slipping, we have a life-changing treatment for you: Same-day dental implants.

Dental implants could be that revolutionary treatment you’ve been looking for. They replace wobbly teeth or those that you’ve lost altogether with a fixed single tooth which, if looked after, lasts a lifetime. The dental implant is attached directly to your jawbone, and so permanently substitutes the original tooth.

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Essential Dental Implant Q&A

The success rate of dental implants exceeds 97%. If you look after them, they should last you forever.

You should care for dental implants as if they were your natural teeth. Therefore it is wise to book regular appointments with your dentist and hygienist to help you get the most use out of them. Keeping them in good condition in this way lowers the risk of a further implant being required in future years.

Just like with your original teeth, if you do not care for them, it can lead to gum disease and other conditions linked with poor dental hygiene.

Everyone is unique and as with any form of surgery, our bodies respond in different ways. Therefore, selecting a surgeon highly experienced in dental implants is essential.

You do not need to replace all your teeth with dental implants. The great thing with dental implants is that you can just replace one or a couple of teeth if that is all that is required. Or, if necessary you can replace a whole lower or upper arch of teeth. This versatility makes dental implants a good solution for many dental patients.

We’ll need to perform a dental examination, including any necessary scans and x-rays, to establish if dental implants will work for you. This gives us the chance to evaluate your oral hygiene. Importantly, we can also see if you have sufficient jaw bone to receive a dental implant.

In most cases, we can provide treatment to prepare your jaw to take an implant if we discover you do not have sufficient bone initially.

Your jaw and gums must be healthy before we commence dental implant treatment. This is because the slightest presence of gum disease could cause an infection when we fit the dental implant. If necessary, we’ll suggest a programme of hygiene appointments before you have the dental implant to make sure your jaw and gums are in the best possible health.

It is normal to have a local anaesthetic while you have dental implants fitted. Therefore you will be awake but feel no pain. Some people will naturally feel anxious during the procedure. If you experience anxiety we can discuss sedation options with you. It is not common to be put to sleep with a full general anaesthetic for dental implant surgery.

In the days following dental implant surgery, you may experience some oral discomfort. Over-the-counter painkillers are normally sufficient to manage this. If you have any queries simply ask your dentist or a pharmacist.

Dental Implant Surgeons

Maria Hardman Dental Implant Surgeon

Maria Hardman leads our dental implant team. She has a special interest in dental implants. Maria has successfully performed dental implant surgery on over 1,000 patients to date.

Maria visits Milton Keynes to provide dental implant consultations. She performs the surgery at our cutting-edge clinic in the heart of Oakgrove.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implants are not hard to clean. But you must care for them to ensure they last. The team at Claydon Dental will offer you a complete aftercare package to help you look after your dental implant/implants.

A good brushing and flossing routine complemented by dental hygiene appointments will keep both your natural teeth and implants in top condition. It is our normal practice to schedule a series of hygiene visits after treatment. This establishes a good oral hygiene regime. If you wish, we can send you appointment alerts so that they do not slip your mind.

You can still get gum disease with a dental implant. While the implant is secured inside the gum, it does not prevent gum disease developing. But don’t worry, providing you stick to our aftercare processes and maintain your hygienist visits, you should be able to keep gum disease at bay and retain your gums in great condition.

You cannot remove dental implants like false teeth. They are fixed permanently so are more akin to your natural teeth. If a dental implant is damaged it is simple to replace, not normally requiring a new abutment in your jaw.

If your dental implants act as anchors for semi-permanent dentures (also called false teeth), it might be possible to take out the set of teeth for cleaning.

A single implant can simply replace one missing tooth. If you have more than one tooth missing it could be an option to use some implants as anchors and fill the other gaps by constructing a dental bridge. The benefit of this is that it lowers the cost of dental implants whilst providing a similar looking result.

We can discuss your options when you visit our surgery for a consultation.

It would be highly unusual for the jaw not to accept the dental implant if it has been prepared correctly. If it were to happen we can remove the implant and assess the cause of the failure. Having done this, we can address the issue and fit a new implant.

While implant rejection is not common, the fact it can happen is a strong reason why you should choose a properly qualified and experienced dental implant surgeon.

This is what everyone wants to know and we must begin by stating that dental implants are not a cheap option.

This is because a very high level of skill is required to carry out the procedure. Additionally, the high tech equipment that is used to perform the treatment costs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Your first implant starts from £2,500. But, if you require more implants the price per implant comes down. In other words, you don’t just times the number of implants by £2,500. This would give you much to high a price.

We can offer you a full range of payment plan options which help to spread the cost for you.

Often, with missing teeth, dental bridges are a solution. We do routinely fit them at Claydon Dental. With a dental bridge, the teeth either side of the missing tooth are used to construct the bridge. To do this a small proportion of each tooth must be taken.

Tooth stability may be an issue as one tooth has already fallen out. If the teeth either side lack stability, reducing them may worsen this.

In this scenario, a dental implant would be the best way forward. But if the adjacent teeth are in good health, don’t dismiss a dental bridge.

We have three Claydon Dental surgeries in the UK. You can find us in Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Cheltenham. For more advanced implant cases, we share a dental hospital facility in Oxford.

With Claydon Dental, you are in good hands. Our team have over 25 years’ experience in dental implant treatments and have performed hundreds of dental implant procedures.

Dental Implant Treatment Cost

Single Implant Cost

£ 42
  • 60 payments of only £42
  • 36 payments of only £65
  • 12 payments of only £174
  • Treatment Price: £2,500

Double Implant Cost

£ 62
  • 60 payments of only £62
  • 36 payments of only £96
  • 12 payments of only £258
  • Treatment Price: £3,500

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