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Charlotte’s Invisalign Journey

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Invisalign Diamond ProviderCharlotte came to Claydon Dental Milton Keynes as a young teen with an overjet, posterior crossbite, openbite as well as other issues including a narrow arch.

Following her Invisalign treatment this is what Charlotte had to say about her experience:

As seen in the before and after images below, Charlotte’s overbite and other issues were corrected using Invisalign and she is now able to smile with confidence as she continues to grow.

This is what Charlotte had to say about Invislaign:

I would definitely recommend Invisalign because they are all very welcoming and supportive at Claydon Dental….I did not find the Invisalign much of a hassle and no one noticed I was wearing them. You soon get used to the attachments and wearing the retainers. After I finished I was so happy with the results.The hygienist there was so amazing to. She helped me to understand how to look after my teeth properly. The whole experience has not been stressful at all and it was worth it for the perfect results I ended up with!”

Before After

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