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Are you willing to risk your teeth for a brighter smile?

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In light of a recent study published by lead author Dr Joseph Greenwall-Cohen, from the University of Manchester Dental School, Claydon Dental feel it is important to make our patients and followers aware of the dangers associated with some of the over the counter Teeth Whitening kits available on the market.

These findings have motivated the British Dental Association (BDA) to urge consumers to exercise caution and not gamble with their oral health.

The early findings published in the British Dental Journal found that some products available on the high street were found to reduce the hardness of enamel.

“Not all bleaching products are the same and not all bleaching products are safe.....It is essential that the public realise this and undertake more caution in selecting the bleaching or whitening products they apply to their teeth.”

Dr Joseph Greenwall-Cohen, the University of Manchester Dental School

Five non-hydrogen peroxide whitening products from Boots and Superdrug were tested as part of the study.

Three of the products researchers tested included an active ingredient of Sodium Chlorite, which reduces the hardness of teeth when acid is present and can increase the chances of future surface abrasions. 

A European directive was introduced in 2011 to ensure bleaching with higher levels of hydrogen peroxide could on be administered by dentists. This is essential in guaranteeing the safety of those looking to brighten their smile.

Due to this directive DIY kits are by only permitted to contain 0.1% or less of Hydrogen Peroxide, this level is too weak to have much of a whitening effect. This, in turn, has encourages manufacturers to find alternative ingredients – which could potentially be more harmful to our teeth.

"At best, people may be wasting their money buying over-the-counter and online products to whiten teeth… the lack of clarity over chemicals used in over-the counter and online products means you could be gambling with your teeth."

Professor Damien Walmsley, The British Dental Association's Scientific Adviser

Claydon Dental offers two very safe options when it comes to teeth whitening, and all patients undergo a thorough check to ensure that their oral health is up to par before any treatment commences.

When asked about the study Claydon Dental Practice Director and Dentist, Neil Eguia said:

"The most common question we get asked is if whitening is available to purchase online? If you type whitening into any browser you will find hundreds of different websites competing to be the most ‘affordable’ but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is genuine.

More often than not these cheaper alternatives will cause more harm than good and the most common side effects include blistering of the gums and permanent sensitivity of the teeth.

Whitening is a prescription only product that should be carried out by a dental practitioner, so don’t be fooled by misleading advertisements and your favourite celebrity promoting whitening, it's not worth the risk"

Neil Eguia, Claydon Dental Director & Lead Dentist

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