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A message from our practice manager about Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

Mouth Cancer Awareness Month has an extra importance for our Practice Manager

Below is a message directly from Talia, our Practice Manager, about why Mouth Cancer Awareness Month has a special significance and why she hopes our patients will take this reminder as seriously as it should be taken.

No matter how much you hate coming to the Dentist and what plays on your mind the most is what do I need now and how much is this going to cost me? The cost of a life is priceless.

Recently I have experienced this with a family member who has been diagnosed with gum and jaw cancer, this was found during an innocent but overdue check-up with the Dentist.

My grandpa experienced no pain or discomfort and had no idea that a mass had been developing in his mouth the whole time. After taking routine X-rays the Dentist discovered that something didn’t look quite right and referred him to the hospital urgently. They took a biopsy of his gum and the dreaded ‘C’ word was confirmed – he has Cancer.

In the space of a couple of weeks, my grandpa had a consultation, CT and MRI scan to see if the cancer had spread and after a month he had a 10.5-hour operation to remove the mass that was in his gum. During the operation, he had to have three teeth removed and the lymph nodes in his neck also removed, they had to take tissue from his arm and leg to rebuild his mouth so he will now have scars and deformities for the rest of his life. He’s currently recovering in the ICU unit at Luton and Dunstable hospital but he is stable and well and that’s all that matters.

Our family can’t thank the quick actions of the Dentist enough and if they hadn’t of spotted the mass who knows how long it would have been until the cancer could have spread and been too late to treat.

Please be selfish and look after yourselves, if the doctors wanted to see you every 3-6 months then you wouldn’t bat an eyelid so why ignore your dental recalls? It could help save a life.

If you are worried about any discolouration or ulcers that won’t go then please book yourself a checkup with your local Dentist to ease your mind.

We are here to help ❤


Further information can be found on the Mouth Cancer Foundation website.

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