5 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With a Calcium Deficiency

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    If you ask anyone what their secret is for healthy bones and teeth, they will say calcium! Besides strengthening your bones, calcium provides many other health benefits, such as helping your body maintain a steady heartbeat.

    That said, there is a condition called “calcium deficiency.” As the name implies, calcium deficiency happens when you do not take enough calcium into your body. It can result in various problems, from brittle bones to oral issues. 

    If you are unsure as to whether you are experiencing calcium deficiency, here are the symptoms to look out for to remind you to eat more calcium-rich foods. 

    1. Your bones are weak

    You will not be able to tell right away that your bones are weak. However, if accidents such as a simple fall lead to a fracture or broken bones, it may point to calcium deficiency in your system. 

    You would not want to wait for such an accident to determine that you have a calcium deficiency. Also, as you get older, your bones will require more calcium to maintain their strength. For that reason, you need to ensure you ingest enough calcium to keep your bones healthy.

    2. You are always tired

    If you always feel tired and your muscles feel weak, a calcium deficiency can be the cause. Feeling fatigued more often means that you are not taking enough calcium to allow your body to replenish your muscles.

    3. You bleed more easily 

    When you get a cut or other type of wound, your blood cells will typically get to work immediately to clot and reduce bleeding. However, if you find yourself bleeding longer than usual, even from a minor cut, you may be lacking calcium. This is because calcium deficiency causes blood clots to form slower than normal.

    4. Your heart beats abnormally 

    With calcium deficiency, your heart is going to have a tough time maintaining a steady heartbeat. This leads to a problem called cardiac arrhythmia, meaning that your heart is beating irregularly. In some cases, it can lead to fainting. However, if severe enough, this irregular heartbeat can even cause sudden death.

    5. You encounter more oral issues

    Calcium deficiency forces your body to take calcium straight from the bones. Apart from weakening your bones, the condition can also cause various problems to your oral health. Weaker teeth are more prone to tooth decay, damage, and weaker roots. If you find that your teeth are brittle and prone to damage, calcium deficiency may be the cause. 


    As you go through your daily routine, always remember to eat healthily and remind yourself to take in enough calcium. Food items that are rich in calcium include green vegetables, dairy products, and dry nuts! Supplements are also available if you do not have access to those foods, and these will supply you with the calcium you need to keep your body in tip-top condition.

    That said, if you find yourself running into problems, like osteoporosis or frequent tooth decay, do not hesitate to seek help from a healthcare provider to determine the possible cause. An analysis from your doctor or dentist can help you identify the root cause of the problem and have it addressed.

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