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4 Ways to Help Your Children Develop Straight Teeth – Our Guide

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    Some people are naturally gifted with a perfect set of teeth, but many of us have had to deal with a crooked smile since we were young. Not only do crooked teeth look bad, but they also lead to serious dental issues, such as cavities and gum diseases.

    That being said, did you know that many causes of crooked teeth start when an individual is still young? This means that by giving your child the best oral health at an early age, they stand a much higher chance of growing up with healthy, straight teeth.

    Here are ways you can help your kids develop straight teeth:

    1. Pay attention to early signs

    One of the best ways to prevent crooked teeth is to catch the signs at an early age. This is because before a child reaches the age of ten, there is a possibility that they will not require braces to straighten their teeth. Only later on, if the teeth are crooked, will they require braces.

    There are many signs you can look out for that indicates the health of your child’s mouth. For instance, difficulty in speaking and eating can mean something is wrong with their teeth or gums. If you believe there is a problem regarding their teeth, take your child to the dentist immediately.

    2. Stop them from sucking their thumbs

    Your child can develop different habits that might seem harmless but can negatively affect their growth. One example that is common in many children is thumb sucking.
    While you might think that this habit has no serious consequences, it can lead to crooked teeth, especially if it is allowed to continue for long enough. This is because it puts pressure on a child’s gums, slowly moving their teeth out of place.
    The same thing can happen with other habits, such as using pacifiers, tongue thrusting, and bottle feeding. All of these habits can cause a child’s teeth to grow crookedly.

    3. Teach them good habits

    Oral issues like gum disease can have a profound impact on your child’s oral health. It can promote many harmful conditions, such as tooth decay, that can lead to crooked teeth. Put simply, children who develop good oral health habits are more likely to grow straight teeth. For this reason, you must teach them healthy habits like brushing their teeth gently and regularly.

    4. Do not ignore a lost tooth

    If your child loses a tooth, bring them to the dentist immediately. That way, the dentist can assess the problem, determine how severe it is, and carry out the proper procedures to ensure that the damage remains minimal. This will better guarantee that your child’s other teeth can grow normally.


    By keeping an eye out for signs of crooked teeth and taking the necessary action to ensure your childs oral health, you set them up with healthy, straight teeth when they grow older.

    With that said, it’s not always possible to prevent 100 per cent of dental problems, but you can minimize their effects and the treatment your child will need by teaching your child good oral health habits and watching out for early warning signs.

    Are you looking for a dentist in Milton Keynes to maintain your child’s oral health? Claydon Dental MK can provide general dentistry services to give your child the treatment they need for a beautiful smile. Get in touch with us today!