Mind The Gap – 3 Ways To Fix Missing Teeth

Although the ideal goal is to make it through life with a full set of pearly whites, most people’s teeth succumb to decay, injury, and even gum disease. Missing teeth can lead to dental woes, which affects your confidence, bite, and overall jawbone structures. As a result, your overall health declines. 

Missing teeth may be inevitable, there are ways you can take control of the narrative and ensure you traverse life in a complete set. Advances in the dental world have made it possible to fill in the spaces, allowing you to enjoy functional and attractive teeth. 

In other words, you gain back the confidence to smile once more, also ensuring that you take good care of your overall health. From implants to dentures, here are three of the most effective ways to gain back your smile and banish does woes:

Way #1: Dental implants for missing teeth

One of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth is through dental implants. This dental solution feels the most natural, especially when it comes to smiling, chewing, and of course, brushing. The methods surrounding dental implants are ornate, as the implants come to replace the actual roots of the missing teeth. It also facilitates the healing of the bone for several months, effectively acting like brand new natural teeth. 

The dentist will then place an abutment, to be then cemented with a crown. This is popular among most clients, especially since there will be no need for any alterations on the surrounding teeth. These implants can easily blend well into your natural set, especially since they can be customised according to colour.

Way #2: Dental Bridges for missing teeth

If you’re suffering from the loss of a single tooth, but tightly-packed teeth surround it, dental bridges are the best option for you. They are fixed solutions that stay firmly cemented in your gums, and will not come out unless trauma is inflicted. Dentists perform bridges by cutting down the teeth on either side, both of which acts as an anchor that keeps the replacement tooth in place. 

Keeping it clean isn’t as simple as dental implants, however, as you’ll need flood threaders to gather debris in between the small gaps. If you’re uncomfortable with cutting down parts of your healthy teeth, however, bridges may not be for you. It’s best for those missing several teeth as once, with ample support to allow the bridge to remain firmly attached.

Way #3: Removable dentures for missing teeth

While it can be difficult to deal with missing front teeth, the inevitable always happens. A trauma or a disease seeps in, leaving you with no choice but to let front teeth go. It can be extremely embarrassing, especially since it can affect your overall ability to smile. Thankfully, removable dentures are around. They can be worn during the day, effectively allowing you to replace missing teeth. It may come with metal clasps to help it stay in the mouth, which can make it a little uncomfortable during eating and speaking.

It’s always best to remove them at night to be soaked in a cleaning solution, and this also allows your healthy teeth and gums to breathe. With dentures, you won’t need to file down or compromise any teeth, making it the most economical option.

Work With The Best Private Dentist In Milton

Doing nothing about your missing teeth is always a welcome option—but not a very good one. You’re definitely free to spend the rest of your days with missing teeth, but expect your overall health to remain abysmal. You’ll need a complete set tooth to feel not just confident, but to have ample support on your overall jawbone structure and mouth functions. That said, choose your weapon—there are plenty of ways to replace missing teeth!

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