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3 Common Dental Habits That Can Ruin Your Teeth – What to Know

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    Brushing your teeth twice a day doesn’t guarantee good oral health. Some bad habits in your lifestyle can contribute to decay and damage on your pearly whites – from sucking on lemons, biting your fingernails, and more.

    These are some dental health “don’ts” that you need to steadily unlearn as it can compromise your oral hygiene, even if you follow the proper brushing technique and include flossing in your routine. With that in mind, the list below are some of the common oral health troublemakers you should avoid:

    1. Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

    Brushing your teeth is the simplest yet effective way to clean your pearls, but your over-enthusiasm can do more harm than good to your oral health. Adding unnecessary pressure to your brushing strokes will not effectively remove the food particles in your teeth, but increases the risk of harming your gums.

    Vigorous motions can also damage your tooth enamel, which would weaken your teeth altogether. If you find yourself putting extra weight unconsciously, you can try to brush with your non-dominant hand to break the habit.

    2. Indulging in Too Many Acidic Foods or Drinks

    Poor oral health may be the farthest from your mind when you’re eating a slice of orange, but indulging in a hearty amount of acidic foods or drinks can harm your tooth enamel. It serves as a protective layer over your pearls, so damaging the enamel can invite problems like cavities, tooth sensitivity, and more.

    Other samples of drinks with high acidic levels include sodas, sports drinks, alcoholic beverages, tea, and coffee. Once you notice your teeth aching when consuming a lemon, for instance, be sure to rinse immediately with water before brushing your teeth after half an hour to avoid further deterioration.

    3. Giving In to Your Sweet Tooth

    There’s no harm in indulging your sweet tooth now and then, but keep in mind that the more sugar you intake, the more bacteria can spread in your mouth. This is because bacteria love to feed on sugar, so consuming one too many desserts can promote the production of acid inside the mouth, which erodes the teeth enamel.

    This can promote unwanted cavities to develop. If the cravings for sweets are too much to bear, opting for fruits is better for your teeth than dried fruits, candies, or gummies.

    The Bottom Line

    Even when you’re actively keeping a consistent dental routine, some habits may be harmful to your oral health without being obvious to you. Some seemingly harmless activities can contribute to cavities, bacteria build-up, and other problems for your mouth.

    With that in mind, the list above reveals some of the common activities people do that can compromise dental hygiene in more ways than one. Some are best removed altogether; others require reasonable adjustments to give your oral health a much-needed boost.

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