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10 Teeth Whitening Misconceptions You Should Know

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental treatments today. Many people want to achieve whiter teeth this time around. However, despite the growing number of people who get their teeth whitened, some people are hesitant to do it. The popularity of the treatment has brought misconceptions, too. For that reason, we will bust these common misconceptions: 

1. You Can Have Crowns, Veneers, and Fillings Whitened

Anything that isn’t natural cannot be whitened and won’t respond to the whitening process. Therefore, it’s not true that you can have veneers, crowns and fillings whitened. 

2. Oil Pulling Can Remove Stains

Using oil as a form of mouthwash to whiten the teeth? Sorry, but this isn’t going to help. There is no scientific proof to this, which is why dentists do not recommend it.

3. You Can’t Have the Procedure With Sensitive Teeth

The truth is, even if you have sensitive teeth, you can still get your teeth whitened. Thanks to technological advancements, you can undergo a pain-free procedure and you will be provided with options to help reduce sensitivity during the treatment. All you need to do is mention this to your dentist!

4. Acidic Fruits Can Whiten the Teeth

This is one of the most popular myths today. However, it is a myth because there is no scientific evidence to back it up. Also, keep in mind that acidic fruits can be damaging to the tooth enamel, which means that they could do more harm than good. 

5. It’s Harmful to the Tooth Enamel

Since there are now plenty of teeth whitening products you can get today, it’s still recommended you visit your dentist before you use any teeth whitening product. Otherwise, you could damage your tooth enamel. 

6. You’ll Get a Hollywood Smile

It’s essential to know that teeth whitening results will differ from one person to another. That means some teeth will respond better than others. 

7. It Can Remove All Stains and Discoloration

The truth is, not all stains and discolouration can be removed via a teeth whitening procedure. There are a lot of factors that affect this, such as genetics, age and stain level. Also, as we age, the tooth enamel breaks down and older teeth can take on a yellowish appearance due to underlying dentin. In turn, this will make teeth whitening more difficult. 

8. OTC Teeth Whitening Products Are Effective

OTC products are not the same as having the procedure done at a dental facility and by a professional. You also need to keep in mind that not all OTC teeth whitening products are safe for the teeth. As mentioned, it’s important you consult with a dentist before you use any OTC options. 

9. Teeth Whitening Results Last

Teeth whitening results won’t last. The results are dependent on your oral hygiene, your diet, and your lifestyle. 

10. UV Light Is Effective to Whiten Teeth

Exposure to UV light is harmful, which is why UV light should not be used to whiten the teeth at all. It’s a lot safer to visit your dentist to have your teeth checked and whitened. 


Now that you know the common misconceptions about teeth whitening, it’s time you get your teeth whitened the right way. Make sure to visit a dentist for this procedure to guarantee the best results. 

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